CompanyFundamental Philosophy

TOP会社案内Fundamental Philosophy

With curiosity, we never compromise in order to contiribute better products and services for the world.

Philosophy Fuji (不二 in Japanese language)

The word comes from our aim of three way satisfaction (Customer, Society, and Vendor) coexistence and co-prosperity.

Our Mission

Based on the five basic company philosophy, we will pursue the physical and mental well-being of our employees. At the same time, we aim to contribute to the progress and development of humankind and society.

【Five Basic Company Philosophy】

  • ・Fuji Boeki is a company which considers country and the people.
  • ・Fuji Boeki is a company which honor truth and duty.
  • ・Fuji Boeki is a company which works for the benefits of others.
  • ・Fuji Boeki is a company where honest person benefits.
  • ・Fuji Boeki is a company where people learn the lessons of life from work.

Our Vision

With curiosity, we never compromise in order to achieve better result. This way, we will continue to search for and create products and services that will solve and contribute to the inconveniences of domoestic and worldwide consumers.

Our Motto

Value civility

Be moderate and sensible person who knows what is important in social life.

Aim to be an individual that is vigorous yet, sincere

Be better from inside rather than outside. If the inside does not shine through, one will not become a true businessperson.

Put pride in work and actions

Become a business peroson worth pride.

Cherish each and every day like no other

When it comes to time, It is rather content than the length that is important.

Value the feeling of grattidude and appreciation

Always remember to be humble and greatful.