CompanyCompany Overview

TOP会社案内Company Overview
Corporate Name Fuji Boeki Co.,Ltd.
CEO Ryosuke Tasaka
Type of Industry Tradingng company
Business Details Importing, exporting, and wholesaling of funiture and household products.
Global Market China / Southeast Asia / Europe
Clientele Over 2,500 customers of various market
Office Locations
Head Office
64-36,Anse, Wakamatu-ku, Kitakyuusyuu-shi,
Fukuoka-ken, 808-8550
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Showroom and Warehouse
90-1,Hibikimachi, Wakamatu-ku, Kitakyuusyuu-shi,
Fukuoka-ken, 808-0021
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Tokyo Sales Office
1-18-6 Shinkiba, Koto-ku,
Tokyo-to 136-0082
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Offices Abroad Shanghai・ Guangzhou・Taiwan
Foundation March, 1954
Establishment August, 1964
Capital Fund 96 million yen
Number of Employees 170 (including full-time and part-time)
Related Company Fuji Logistic Co., Ltd
Fusyo Bijyutu Co., Ltd
Hekitan International Trade Co., Ltd. (Shanghai / Guangzhou)
List of permits and licenses Cosmetics manufacturing industry (License number: 40CZ200073)
Cosmetics manufacturing and sales business (license number: 40C0X10099)
Medical device manufacturing (License number: 40BZ200046)
Third-class medical device manufacturing and sales business (License number: 40B3X10015)

Company History

1954 Established Tasaka trading in Kitakyusyu.
1964 Established "Fuji Trading Co., Ltd." with its head office in Wakamatsu Ward.
Start of trading as the vendor of US military and the beginning of trading business.
1973 Established first head office building.
Established Fusyo Bijyutu Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing wood product in Taiwan.
1987 Established sales office in Tokyo.
1991 Established permanent showroom.
1995 Acquired in-house customs clearance certificate from Moji Customs.
1996 Established Fuji logistic Co., Ltd.
1998 Awarded as an national importing contributor by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
2002 Established Guangzhou Representative Office as a stepping stone to advance into market in China.
2003 Established a local subsidiary "Hekitan International Trade Co., Ltd." in Shanghai for full-scale entry into market in China.
Established "General Incorporated Association Tasaka Scholaship".
2004 Taiwan sale office has relocated and corporate name change to「KIZAN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD.」
2009 Tokyo sale office relocated to Shinkiba.
2011 Acquired sales and manufacturing license of medical devices and cosmetics from the Ministry of Health.
2016 Established new head office building.