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Aiming to be a company that creates new values every day.

Founded by Yoshiaki Tasaka from scratch, Fuji Boeki Co., Ltd. have been thriving till this day for more than 50 years . We can not express enough gratitude for those of you who have been supporting us all these years.

With our 5 motto, ("Value civility", "Aim to be an individual that is vigorous yet, sincere", "Put pride in work and actions", "Cherish each and every day like no other", "Value the feeling of grattidude and appreciation") we have been challenging and elevating ourselves every day. Also, our culture of self-improving education and humbleness have always guided us.

The employees of Fuji Boeki Co., Ltd., with the mind of assertiveness as an independent business person, has been and will always be searching for a life improving products and servises addressed towards the field of global market. We look forward to your continued support.