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Aiming to be an importer and wholeseller which flexibly meets customer needs.

We are an importer and wholeseller who has long year experience in sourcing furnitures and household prodcucts from around the world.
Majority of the poduct designs and development plannings are done at the head office.

In additon, we own top-class distribution center in the furniture wholesales industry.
This allows us to cover wide areas of supplychain from product development, production control, importing, to finally marketing.
In the global field, we do our best to meet the needs of the modern life.

3 Distinctive Assets of Fuji Boeki

With global network covering over 35 countries, we play the role as both trading company and manufacturer.
By linking our 55 years of experties to product development, manufacturing, and marketing, we have and will continue to put customer satisfaction first and provide specially selected products from all over the world.

Function as a Trading Company

With more than half a centry of experience in trading business, we have had connections with more than 35 countries (600 suppliers) in the past. Now local subsidiary branches in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are functioning as management of product and quality control.
Also, as nationally authorized customs broker (AEO certified), it enables us to promptly and accurately deliver the customs clearance duties under legal compliance.

  • Business experiences with around 600 suppliers from more than 35 different countries.
  • Dirrect transactions with overseas suppliers.
  • Detailed production management done by overseas branch office.
  • Smooth and prompt customs clearance procedures done at the head office.

Function as Developer and Manufacturer

In order to create authentically Fuji Boeki original products, our head office staffs visits local manufacturing factories to consult key points of design and production.
We are endevouring to develop products which meet the needs of 2,500 customers from various market.

  • Lineup of more than 20,000 products.
  • Head office staff actively visiting overseas factories to manage production.
  • Developing products that meet the market needs.
  • Market research at overseas exhibitions.

Function as Distributer of Goods (Logistics)

Imported products are stored and managed In our 132 thousand ㎡ warehouse and logistic center. It is located near the Hibiki port where majority of our shipment is unloaded.
Every day, we receive products from the Hibiki / Tachinoura (Moji) container terminal that are distributed throughout to the country.

  • Our very own 132 thousand ㎡ warehouse and logistic center.
  • Rapid domestic delivery service from bounded area (within our warehouse) after customs clearance duty.
  • Capablility of drop shipment for e-commerce customer.
  • Accurate and rapid stock management with WMS (Warehouse Management System).